Grand Valley Magazine

About GV


Publisher, Krystyn Hartman

Art Director, Kitty Nicholason

Advertising Director, Linda Findley

Copy Editor, Noelle Goslee Smith

Project Manager, Erica Schaffer

Grand Valley Magazine Inc is a growing niche publishing company based in Grand Junction, Colorado, the largest metropolitan area between Denver and Salt Lake City. The editorial mission of this locally-owned magazine is to celebrate the dynamic life, landscape, and people of the greater Grand Valley of Western Colorado.


Every GV story is an original feature. Award-winning local writers, photographers, and illustrators bring Grand Valley culture, outdoors, living, wine country, good-news and how-to's to GV readers and viewers every month.


Founded in October 2008, GV Magazine published monthly through May 2011. A year and a half later, GV re-evaluated, re-grouped, and re-launched with the November 2012 glossy print issue, but adding E-editions for mobile access.


Early April 2014 brought GV Periodical Classification approval by the US Postal Service granting the lowest possible postage rate for mailing the glossy print edition of GV Magazine to subscribers.


Because GV Magazine is a showcase of local talent in our growing creative industry, as well as presenting the livable character of our community, all GV writers, photographers, illustrators, and filmmakers are freelance; each bringing their own unique eye, voice, energy, interest, and experience to the stories.


GV published its biggest issues yet at 180 glorious pages. We simply love the bigger books.

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Grand Valley Magazine, Inc, is a Colorado company based in Grand Junction; confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers.